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Adillas stylists house precision Vidal Sassoon cutters as well as cutters who cut hair dry and in natural form. Our stylists personalise cuts for each and every client and offer some of Sydneys best.

When attending our salon for a haircut, it’s best to arrive with your hair in its natural form or how you wear it everyday. This is because most of our stylists cut dry, and visually based on the way your hair sits. If you let your hair dry naturally everyday, come in with your hair like that, or if you blow dry it, come in with it styled.

We also have a curly hair specialist, Frankie. She has curly hair herself (sometimes….) and has been studying the form of natural curls. She has gained quite the following with curly clients around Sydney and interstate. Her curly haircut service is 90 minutes. It includes a dry haircut, a full consultation, moisturising treatment, wash and re-style.

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