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Specialists in all areas of colour. Seamless balayage, babylight foils, root shadowing and grey coverage. ADILLA also has a specialist range of high quality creative fashion colours including pastels, bright colours and metallic.

What we do different

At ADILLA we have become renowned for our seamless blended colours. Colouring that lasts beyond the average 8 week appointment. Our extensive knowledge and training allows us to properly formaulate colours, specialised for each client with most clients having their own specific formulation. We are passionate about giving clients something unique and different. When doing balayage, a lot of the time we use tints. Tinting the hair tones and deposits colour molecules into the hair, rather than bleaching out colour. This gives the colour longevitiy and control. It is predicatble and isn’t volatile and reacting to sun, heat, over styling etc. Many ADILLA clients are on a long

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⭐️50% grey ⭐️camouflaged by @originalmineral 🌟highlights every third time with a base every 6 weeks ⭐️ ...

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