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What are babylights?

Babylights are a weaving/highlighting technique, one we use predominantly in the salon. This technique can be used for just about anyone, the effects on our blondes are amazing but we also add babylights to balayage/brunettes and redheads for the most natural and subtle multi-tonal touch. Babylights are delicate highlights created using a very fine hair colour technique to mimic the subtle, dimensional hair colour of natural hair.

Babylights Process

The application process is the same as what you would experience with any other foil service, the difference being the size of the section and the separation between the weaves and space between each foil. This is personalised to each and every client to achieve the desired result and creates a blend with the base colour.

Babylights Results

This blend gives you a low maintenance hair colour, The highlights are so fine that as the hair grows out evenly so you aren’t left with a banded regrowth. This is a great option to talk to your stylist about if you’re planning on going away or having a baby and can’t get to the salon for an extended period of time as well as just being an amazing option for gorgeous, natural looking hair that is envied by all! Contact us about getting babylights today.



Happy birthday to our beautiful Bec 🌟

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Thank you ✨Angels ✨ for a wonderful year. Our hearts are so full and we are so grateful that we have it through what was such a tough year for so many people.
2021 is going to be a big year ! And there is already so much happening that we can’t wait to share with you all.
All the love in the world
Frankie and team xxx

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