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ADILLA Style Class ! Learn to blow dry your own hair

At ADILLA we are all about educating our clients and making sure they have their best hair 24/7.

In order to achieve this, we use the best products on the market, we personalise every service to every client, and we teach them how to style their own hair. Our blow dry lessons have been a 20 minute add on to our services for over a year. There is a huge need for it in the market.

Due to the popularity of this service, we have introduced blow dry nights. On our blow dry nights, we have a maximum of 8 people, learning how to blow dry their hair.

There are a few things our clients say to us,  Can you come home with me and do this every day! & 2: The last salon i went to,  didn’t provide any transperency on the services I was receiving. Or that they own products and tools that sit in their bathroom cupboard that they never use ! Our aim is to have our clients hair looking good all the time, so it’s time for us to teach our clients how to achieve that.

The response has been amazing with our first class nearly booked out and a waiting list ready to go. We break it up into hair types. So our first class is medium – long hair. And we teach a lot of different styles and products. Our next class is short hair and curly hair, and we will alternate as we go.

There are packages available for those who don’t have many tools and products at home, and we have broken it down into the best bang for your buck products.


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