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Is Pink hair still a trend ?

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Pink Hair
Shot by Chris Mohen
Styled by Frankie Flanagan

This trend came in about 6 years ago, and to behonest, hasnt left! The pink hair trend is here to stay, as Pink is flattering on almost every skin tone, (unless you are sunburnt). It allows our blonde clients to have something different without the commitment.

When pink fades, it tones the yellow out of the blonde. This allows the hair to look great and fresh no mater stage of your salon visit you are in.
Colours like blue, fade to green, hence the trend coming and going pretty quickly.
Pink hair has become a norm now and is non commital. The only trouble with Pink is getting it to last!
Not to mention the fishtail braid. Another trend that came and never went and is definately here to stay!

There are many ways to dye and maintain pink hair. At ADILLA our favourite is Revlon Nutri Colour Creams. We use these as they are a treatment, super shiny, and have a great range of colours. We also mix a personalised mixation of your #adillablend for our clients to take home.

Make me Pink please!

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