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Why is my scalp dry ?

There are many external, internal and environmental changes that can affect the dryness of our hair and scalp.

Many clients feel the symptoms in the turn of winter. Especially in Sydney, winter seems to come in one day. One day its May and its nice, then next day it’s freezing cold and your skin has gone haywire. If you are scratching your head, trying to figure out why, any of these following reasons could apply to you.

Change in medication

This is a big one. We’ve all heard the saying ‘’you are what you eat’’ and this really shows in your hair. The production of healthy keratin is affected by everything you eat and drink. Certain foods encourage healthy hair and scalp and other foods that offer no nutritional value for your body also offer no nutritional value for your hair.

Seaweeds, kelp, silica tablets and greens all help you maintain the health of your hair and encourage growth. Foods that are bad for you, you guessed it, are bad for your hair.

Increased use of air conditioner and heaters

Air conditioners suck in hot air and blow out cold air. The warmer/more humid the air the more moisture it holds. Air cons suck the moisture out of air and blow out dry cold air.

When you have a heater on, it is blowing out hot air. The air holds no moisture. When you go from a cold environment to a heated environment, there is a lot less moisture in the air. This is why many clients feel the dryness more during winter than summer, despite swimming less and being in the sun less. Our scalp is skin that needs moisture too!

Dry hair; friction caused by jackets and scalves

Seems obvious but you would be surprised how much we see this. Clients will rip off a scarf as they walk into the salon, then wonder why the hair at the nape is broken and fragile. Even excess irritation at the nape of the neck can be caused by the heat that the scarf holds close to the nape of the scalp.

Chain bag handles also rip out hair. We often wouldn’t think to take much notice of this but the friction and rubbing of a hand bag strap, especially if the contents is heavy, can really affect your hair.

Low Quality hair products

We go over this a million times a day in our salon, but low quality shampoos and conditioners can create a build up on the hair that prevent high quality moisturisers from being delivered to the hair and scalp. Avoid products that will build up on your hair and make sure you are using a product that will moisturise your scalp as well.

Poor scalp Hygiene

Our scalp is the skin we forget about. We treat the skin on our faces, our arms and legs, our hair but forget the scalp.
When shampooing your hair it’s important to give it a good scrub. And always shampoo the hair twice. Being firm with your shampoo will make sure all the dry skin and built up oils is lifted and removed from the scalp. Your hair follicles will be clear and able to breathe, and your scalp will be exercised. The reason we give a scalp massage when applying conditioner in the salon is because the friction encourages blood flow to the hair follicles. This is vital for their health.

Products that help dry scalp

R+Co Crown Scalp Scrub

Sachajuan Dry Scalp Treatment

EKS Clay Mask

Oribe Serene Scalp Dropper


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