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How To Get Blorange Hair

Blorange Hair Adilla Colab

What is Blorange Hair?

Blorange is a tone between pink and orange. Its darker than peach which makes it great on darker hair. The tone is created by lightening the base to a minimum dark blonde and depositing a direct stain pigment on top. These colours are usually products like fudge, directions and Krazy kolor but we use Pravana as it has loats more shine and will last longer.

Once the hair is lightened, dry it off 100% then colour the hair with your own mix. Here at Adilla we use 4 parts Pravana cute coral, 2 parts Magenta and 1 part orange. See our full video instructions below.

How To Get Blorange Hair?

Step 1 – Pre-lighten The Hair

Pre lighten the hair to a level 10 using lightener, we recommend using Olaplex during this step

Step 2 – Rinse Hair

Rinse hair and dry 100%.

Step 3 – Apply Blorange Mix

Apply a liberal amount of blorange mixture to dry hair. Here at Adilla we use 4 parts Pravana cute coral, 2 parts Magenta and 1 part orange.

Step 4 – Process

Let it process for 20-30 minutes or the length of time recommended by the manufacturer.

Step 5 – Rinse With Cool Water

Rinse the hair using cool water as hot water can open the cuticle and let the colour molecule escape prematurely.

Step 6 – Dry With a Low Heat

Dry hair on a low heat and style as desired.

Before Blorange - Adilla Colab

Blorange Hair - Adilla Colab Salon

Blorange Hair Adilla Colab

Shout out to for creating our awesome video and to the guys at Beautopia for providing Minetan & Parlux Hair Dryers 🙂

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    Love your work and video tutorial .. maximum coverage and knowledge .. x

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