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Is Pink hair still a trend ?

This trend came in about 6 years ago, and to behonest, hasnt left! The pink hair trend is here to stay, as Pink is flattering on almost every skin tone, (unless you are sunburnt). It allows our blonde clients to have something different without the commitment. When pink fades, it tones the yellow out of […]

How To Style Short Hair – Wavy Short Hair

Here we are demonstrating how to style short hair wavy. A lot of people get it wrong by adding too much curl or curl in the wrong places. It is important to note where you want to add the wave. Curling the hair at the ends will create a very dated style. Concentrate on curling […]

Blorange Hair Adilla Colab

How To Get Blorange Hair

What is Blorange Hair? Blorange is a tone between pink and orange. Its darker than peach which makes it great on darker hair. The tone is created by lightening the base to a minimum dark blonde and depositing a direct stain pigment on top. These colours are usually products like fudge, directions and Krazy kolor […]

Best Salon in Sydney - Adilla Hair Salon

SYDNEYSOCIAL101**Best Hair Salons in Sydney

We are extremely excited and grateful to the guys at Sydney Social 101 for ranking our salon amongst some of the best in Sydney. We really appreciate the kind words as we kickstart our efforts to bring real innovation and honesty to hair. Our goal, to make our clients look and feel amazing, is simple […]