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Weddings with Rhiannon DiMaria

Weddings/Special Events. Your wedding is one of the most memorable and important days of your life. Using my 12 years of experience with weddings and up styling for events I will endeavour to make your day run smoothly. I will help you pick a style that suits your face, wedding scheme and compliments the gown […]

Rogue Passport

Matthew Rogan and his partner Ray Ranoa have some exciting news! Well, it’s sad for us, because Matt won’t be with us every week, BUT they have been working so hard on a travel blog for the last year, and it has absolutely taken off! Matt’s partner Ray is a photographer, you can see his […]

Sustainable Salons

INTRODUCING SUSTAINABLE SALONS We have FINALLY become a sustainable salon ! This means nearly everything we use in our space is recycled, including coffee cups! Our hair off cuts are used to soak up oil spills, of which there is over 100 per year in the great barrier reef. And if the hair is long […]

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Our Salon Space

Our beautiful new salon renovation Photos by Chris Mohen  Design by Courtney Fitzgerald-Power at Mark Makers  

ADILLA Style Class ! Learn to blow dry your own hair

At ADILLA we are all about educating our clients and making sure they have their best hair 24/7. In order to achieve this, we use the best products on the market, we personalise every service to every client, and we teach them how to style their own hair. Our blow dry lessons have been a […]

Is Pink hair still a trend ?

This trend came in about 6 years ago, and to behonest, hasnt left! The pink hair trend is here to stay, as Pink is flattering on almost every skin tone, (unless you are sunburnt). It allows our blonde clients to have something different without the commitment. When pink fades, it tones the yellow out of […]

How To Style Short Hair – Wavy Short Hair

Here we are demonstrating how to style short hair wavy. A lot of people get it wrong by adding too much curl or curl in the wrong places. It is important to note where you want to add the wave. Curling the hair at the ends will create a very dated style. Concentrate on curling […]

Blorange Hair Adilla Colab

How To Get Blorange Hair

What is Blorange Hair? Blorange is a tone between pink and orange. Its darker than peach which makes it great on darker hair. The tone is created by lightening the base to a minimum dark blonde and depositing a direct stain pigment on top. These colours are usually products like fudge, directions and Krazy kolor […]