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Hair Extensions

At ADILLA we have certified and highly qualified hair extensions specialists. We use the highest quality 100% remy human hair extensions from industry leader Great Lengths. We offer individual bonds and tapes. We can also personalise clip hair extensions by request.

Hair Extensions Sydney Options

At Adilla, we have certified and highly qualified hair extensions specialists. We use the highest quality 100% Remy human hair extensions from industry leader Great Lengths offering keratin bonds, tapes and personalised options. Extensions have been traditionally used to add length, although now there are many other ways in which they can be incorporated. Great Lengths hair is healthy, soft and naturally textured Indian hair, sourced ethically from temples where the hair is removed as an offering.
The hair is 100% Remy hair which means the cuticle is running the same way throughout the weft of hair, which means no tangles or matting. Great lengths hair will mimic the movement of your natural hair so will be undetectable wherever you may be, and won’t change your lifestyle if you are an avid beach/gym goer.

Types of Hair Extensions

Here at ADILLA, we provide two types of great lengths extensions, Keratin Bonds and Tape Extensions. We are also able to provide clip in extensions on request for special occasions, weddings and events.

Tape Hair Extensions

TAPES (GL APPS):GL APPS are the fast track to a full, thick head of hair. They come in 45cms only. Tapes are a great introduction to extensions as they are easy to maintain and manage at home, quick to apply and made with the same Great Lengths 100% Remy hair. Tapes are a popular service for our Brides to create length and fullness for their big day and also gives the hair more hold when styling. There are many types of tape extensions on the market. What sets Great lengths apart is the way the tape sits, and is bonded to the hair. The traditional method, which is sandwiching a piece of your natural hair between two extensions (which creates a very bulky bond point and the extensions can be seen) is not how the GL APPS are applied. Instead, the weft is placed between two small sections of your natural hair which in turn creates a very flat bond and they are virtually undetectable.

Bonds Hair Extensions – Single Keratin Bonds

This type of extension is perfect for adding thickness, lightness or variation in colour or tone, or length.
This type of extension will last around 4-6 months and starts at $13 per strand for 30cm length, noting that a full head may consist of 100-120 strands.
A lot of our clients here at ADILLA use a 1/4 or 1/2 head extensions (40-60 strands) to fill out gaps in the hair or add lightness/tone without adding any damage to the natural hair. The bonds are made of keratin which is the structural bond that the hair is made of, and when applied by one of our leading technicians will not create any damage to the natural hair.”

Our Hair Extension Services

Call us on 02 93639239 or email us at  for a consultation to discuss your options.

Half Head Hair Extensions – Great Lengths Individuals

Full Head Hair Extensions – Great Lengths Individuals

Half Head Tapes Hair Extensions – Great Lengths Apps

Full Head Tapes Hair Extensions – Great Lengths Apps

Re-Instalment Tapes Hair Extensions – Great Lengths Apps

What Our Clients Say



Lovely and professional salon. Rhiannon does an amazing job I wouldn't go anywhere else

Renee Hurrell


Frankie is amazing!! Absolutely love my new cut. Will be booking in for a colour very soon

Catherine Leetch


Stylish salon with professional skilled staff. Its always a great experience and they have got my hair colour and style looking the best its ever been. Thanks your work!


Ever since I saw you, I haven't had to style my hair once! The cut is incredible and has meant I can leave it natural and it still looks amazing....Something I have not ever been able to do before! Plus the Oribe shampoo and conditioner has been a godsend! Thanks Adilla Team